About Us

Next Step Academy’s mission is to help learners of all ages get exactly where they are going. Our exclusive online courses facilitate intent, providing learners with the information, direction and knowledge they need to take their next steps in life.

You’ll truly hit the ground running with the lessons learned right here, including everything from Life Skills to intensive “Careers In” exploration.

Next Step Academy is non-accredited, yet we are an experienced, equipped, first-class provider of a wealth of educational online resources. The information we provide is both unique to each of our courses as well as uniquely helpful for learners seeking to navigate options within the realm of higher education and career planning.

We have taken the information you need and compiled it into high quality, information-packed, quick and easy to follow online courses that you can take with you whenever, wherever you go.

We are a passionate, fun and creative group of people working hard to make your life a little easier. So jump right in! It’s time to take your next step.


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A brief history...

Next Step Academy was founded as an online learning platform offering quick, informative and mobile courses to learners of all ages. Next Step Academy officially launched in January of 2013 and has been evolving since.

In 2014, we started Next Step Academy HR, an all-in-one dashboard that allowed business owners to assign courses and track employee development with professionally-focused topics of their choosing. This HR drive brought a whole new type of learner to the company and sparked the need to develop the administrator tool and take the learner experience to the next level.

Now, with the launch of our new site, we have an all new look and will combine the learner and administrator dashboard into one easy-to-use site. Plus, what was once the HR initiative has now been revamped (and renamed). ImpactPRO and ImpactEDU will give businesses, schools and learning organizations access to the administrator tool to include more opportunities than ever before.

We're excited about our new site and we hope you are too. Welcome to the new Next Step Academy!

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